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Low frequency engineering

Sorscha is specialized in restoring planar systems. Both electrostatic and magnetostatic
I restore Magnepan push-pull tweeter panels on special agreements. Better is to buy them new through the Magnepan exchange program please.

Sorscha restores:
ancient and exotic vacuum valve equipment, pre-pre, pre and power amplifiers,
Servicing and overhauling the old line of Electrocompaniet amplifiers.
Reel-to-reel magnetic tape is still something that can outperform digital equipment. One machine in particular is Georges Quellet's amazing Stellavox recorder.
I will service Lyrec, Kudelski, Stellavox, Studer, Teac-Tascam and any semi-pro and pro machines. We have to keep them running.
Frequently ending up with a total rebuild of the audio circuits in some cases. Most consumer machines are fully useable today with the RMG (or EMTEC)SM-468 tape formula.
Digital audio services are performed with Silicon Graphics computers.

Restoring Wurlitzer jukeboxes is what I have done for over 12 years. I still offer support and services for open model Wurlitzer jukeboxes.
At the moment I am restoring the model 1800, and the rare pre-war model P400. When these ones are finished the model 1800 will need a good home.

Recording is a passion and the quality of a recording engineer is as good as his equipment and his ears. I am highly interested in recording performing artists in their "own" environment.
My gear is fully portable. I love to be in the open. I do this as a hobby, solely for personal, high-quality recordings, interest.

I am in search for:
One Stellavox heads block. Mono or stereo, single or dual speed, preferable with worn or defunct heads.
One set of RETMA adapters for the Studer A80 machines

One slogan used by me: 'Chasing classic parts"