Sorscha restores a Luxman L100 from 1979

I have been busy quite some time getting this beauty back to "young and wild". It started somewhere around July of 2010 when I finally
had the "guts" to go through my collection of fine "to be restored" masterpieces of audio.
Read the story in html version

The html pages are just a gif output so the quality gets lost in favour for information.
However for those how would like to see detailed pictures should download the pdf version (coming very soon)

Some other things that are very handy sometimes is the Service Manual
And perhaps a story about the Luxman L100 from the vintageknob.
Much has been asked about the Touch-mute function. This is a "zoom-in" of the schematic and opens in a new window.
The 'delay-time-mute' system, a 'quick' look This is also from the schematic.
it alsways handy to see where to connect for idle settings.

It depends on how this monster in shiny silver and wood will hold when put
under serious loads. After all, a restore means back to specifications, including fallbacks.
It survived and passed burn-in and stress test and sounds fresh again!
The phono preamp still sounds absolutely wonderful !

December 29 2010 serialnr. F 71 03799 has been restored.